Welcome to EX.IT – Extraordinary Italian, The Culinary Magazine by Alfredo Russo.

EX.IT identifies and promotes the best of Italy, Italian culinary experiences and  culinary lifestyles from around the world.

EX.IT will strive to give readers an insightful glimpse into an ever-changing culinary landscape through coverage and relevant dialogue. This digital publication will be displayed in a beautiful digital reader, tailored to enhance the timeless elegance of a quality digital publication, it will be fully integrated and will support all mobile devices, making reading easy on whatever device you view EX.IT and its associated publications.

Alfredo Russo

It is a real honor to open the first number of EX.IT Extraordinary Italian by Chef Alfredo Russo, a magazine that aims to promote the best of Italian Culinary Experiences and Lifestyle from around the world.

The world of Italian cuisine outside Italy is constantly growing and our main struggle is to raise the awareness and educate people to recognize the real Made in Italy. Our Extraordinary Chefs are the best Ambassadors of our original, traceable, and certified products.

Italian Cuisine is not just combining the amazing ingredients and flavors of our soil, air and water, but is inspiring an whole system of values and a healthy lifestyle, what we call “Vivere all’Italiana”. Each and every dish is a travel in our beautiful country, discovering our history and tradition.

Buon appetito!

Valentina Setta
Consul General of Italy in Dubai